New Vienna Oktoberfest (Travel Team)

Thanks again for Chuck and the New Vienna Council for bringing us out for their first ever Oktoberfest! Vince and Dan had a great time, and look forward to next year! With Chuck's son dressed up in a full chicken-suit, we couldn't help but repeat the chicken dance throughout the evening!

Heath OktoberFest (Link)

We are scheduled to play from 6:00 to 7:30 that night. Kid-friendly and serving beer, which you don't see very often.

Happy Wanderers on a Boat (Raftorama in Clark Lake, MI)

Thanks for inviting us to play Oktoberfest music on a floating parade float! There's just a little bit of us at the end of the video, and you can hear us singing cafe polka (E-I-E-I-E-I-O) in the background earlier in the video.

Accordion Van Dan - Klezmer and Polka Tour

Dan will be playing some solo dates in Cincinnati and Michigan over the next month. His solo engagements can be found at this link.

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Thanks again to NCH for providing us a very enthusiastic audience last night!

As we know, young children really respond to that Oom-Pah sound, and so we came in with plenty of two-steps and polkas, and we were very happy to see so many young dancers, doing the hokey-pokey, a circle dance to our Klezmer numbers, and singing along with many of the kids songs, and generally bouncing to the oom-pah.

Updates to Website

The Route 161 Happy Wanderers Website has been updated for your viewing pleasure. It will now provide better viewing on whatever device you use to search for our group. Whether you search from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can get info about the Polka Combo.

Tax Day at Wexner Heritage

Thanks Wexner Heritage Village for inviting us back to play for your April birthday celebration. Dave and Dan played a number of Klezmer songs as well as plenty of sing-alongs.

St Patricks in Dublin

Thanks to Dublin Senior Star for having us out on St. Patricks 2015! In addition to the polka, we did bring some Irish Numbers, and thanks to our always-spirited Sue, we got a good number of people up for the Chicken dance and even to dance a polka or two! We look forward to seeing you next in August!


Sunrise of Bexley Concert

Thanks to Sunrise of Bexley for having us out yesterday with a very enthusiastic audience who was singing along or clapping or tapping their feet to just about everything we played. We played a few klezmer songs for Purim, and a few St. Patrick's numbers. Hope to see you again soon!

Mardi Gras at Wesley Glenn

Thanks again to the wonderful audience at Wesley Glenn for celebrating Mardi Gras with us. We brought out a few new numbers especially for this occasion, such as 'Mardi Gras in New Orleans' and 'Bald Head' by Professor Longhair, 'Wonderful World' as performed by Louis Armstrong, and perennial dixieland favorites 'Saints' and 'Bill Bailey'.

And a special thanks to Jessica from the Amazing Giants for providing some fantastic stilt dancing to really give it a rich Mardi Gras feel!