Dover and Heath Oktoberfests

Thanks again to the Heath Oktoberfest for bringing out the whole band on Saturday 9/26. There were six food trucks and a beer tent, so that's a pretty big fest!

Thanks to Dover Harley Davidson for having Vince and I on Saturday 10/3 to give them a little Oktoberfest. There were a few folks who came for the band, had a nice chat with a German couple who didn't ride motorcycles, but wanted to hear the music, so I threw in extra numbers in German for them.

Then we went up the street to put on a show at the 77 Bar and Grill, tucked in behind the 77 Inn. A very unassuming bar, but Brenda puts out really great food! We started playing once the buckeyes stopped Indiana from a game-tying goal, and we got a very nice reaction from the crowd. We hope to come back sometime!