About Us

The Happy Wanderers Group

We are a diverse group of musicians that have come together to share our love of music and performing for others.

Dan the Accordion Man

Dan W is a lifelong musician who started on guitar, continues to play woodwinds, and has an awful lot of fun on his chromatic button accordion. Another of his hobbies is languages. He is fluent in five and especially enjoys singing in foreign languages.

Vince Drummer Extraordinaire

Vince is co-founder of this merry band. . He has been playing drums since elementary school with the support of his grandfather who purchased his first set of drums. Along the way, he has played in marching bands, concert bands, small ensembles and military drill team bands. His love of music came from his grandfather who was a talented Hungarian violinist, upright bassist and accordionist.

Barefoot Jake

Jake plays the banjo, guitar and a variety of other instruments. He looks out for us all in the band.

Clarinet Sue

Clarinet was the first instrument that Sue played in elementary school. Other instruments followed in her life, including bassoon, oboe, and saxophone. Picked up guitar by watching a PBS show on how to play guitar and picks out tunes on dulcimer and hammered dulcimer. Polkas are in her blood as she is of Polish and Slovenian heritage.

Dave S

Dave is a talented Saxophone and Clarinet player.